MDC Alliance Cadre Found Dead In Chitungwiza
29 December 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Popular MDC Alliance activist, Terence Dondo was found dead at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza on December 26.

Dondo was popularly known as Chimumu because he had speech impairment.

Read statement below:

28 December 2021

St Mary’s has since Boxing Day been mourning Terence Dondo popularly known as “Chimumu” as he was dump and deaf.

He was found dead at Huruyadzo shopping center.

He was a loyal, consistent, dedicated cadre.

Last week this illustrious son of ours was among other people living with disabilities receiving Christmas humpers from non other than President Adv Nelson Chamisa in Harare.

What a loss!!! Mwari ndovanoziva.

Further we are appealing for donations in cash or kind while we await burial arrangements from the family by mid morning tomorrow.

Finally, CCC members and branch chairs are working tirelessly so that all members are geared up to give this Cadre a befitting send-off.

Munhu wese kwachimumu kusvika avigwa pamakuva aripa KC ayo.

By St Mary’s District Chairman Hon Unganai Dickson Tarusenga