Armed Robbers Pounce On Mantlavina Farm, Beatrice
31 December 2021

By A Correspondent- Armed robbers pounced on a white farmer in Beatrice killing one.

The robbers, allegedly attacked the Mitchell family at 2am last night and shot dead a lady only identified as Rene.

Said a notice issued in a Beatrice whatsapp group:

Hi Beatrice Community

There’s been an armed robbery at Mantlavina.

Our friend Warren is in a critical condition and is enroute via ambulance to Harare

I so terribly regret to advise that Rene is no longer with us. Please lets all keep Warren and Helena in our prayers. Helena praise God is fine, but understandbly traumatised.

It seems a group came to the farm at 2am this morning. They disarmed the guards and put their uniforms on. They then went to the house and called Rene pretending to be the guards.

She went out and they shot her twice from behind. They then beat Warren badly and he is now at Health Point in a critical condition.

Helena is traumatised but ok. This looks like a ht not a robbery as Rene was pretty cheeky and was involved in a conflict with poachers recently. They threatened to return.”

The Mitchell family are dairy farmers.

Warren and Rene moved back from South Africa a couple of years ago