2022 A Year To Fight For People’s Freedom
2 January 2022
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Compliments of the new season , fellow Zimbabweans .

The MDC Alliance Rural Strategy and Mobilization desk would like to wish you all a happy New year .

May this new year be a another fighting chance for all our kin and Keith living beyond the end of enclave . The rural folk should start demanding accountability for devolution , service provison and infrastructural development through the ballot.

This year we are not going to allow any form of intimidation , persecution and repression by the ruling party. We are all going to stand guard and defend democracy by all legal and constitutional means available. This is a year of citizens Action.

Stay blessed .
Stay safe .



Compiled by
Leader Cde Bvondo
Hon HappymoreChidziva

Secretary for Rural Penetration Strategy and Mobilization .

Happymore Chidziva “Bvondo”