Grade 7 Girl Impregnated, Another Minor Hauled To Court
2 January 2022
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By A Correspondent- A thirteen-year-old boy (name provided) has appeared before the courts after he allegedly impregnated his relative, a grade 7 girl in Jerera, Masvingo.

Sources said the uncle of the girl took her for holiday to Bulawayo. A few days later, they observed some suspicious behaviour – her stomach was swelling, she was sleepy, had difficulties walking, and she was refusing to eat some foods. 

They confronted her and she said she had stomachaches. They ran a pregnancy test and the result was positive. 

A close family member told this reporter that the uncle then approached elders in the family and notified them of the development. Another test was conducted and it came out positive, again.

They asked her who was responsible but she refused to speak. After some persuasion, she indicated that a 13-year-old relative (not a close one) who is her neighbour in Jerera had impregnated her.

They reported the matter to the police who then accompanied the girl’s uncle to Zvishavane where the boy was working at a mine and arrested him.

They brought him to Zaka where his parents are and informed them of the development. The source said the parents of the boy begged that the matter be concealed but some family members were adamant that the case take the legal route.

The matter was eventually reported at Zaka police station and was registered under case number RRR4748569. 

The accused has since appeared before the courts where he was asked to pay a ZW$5000 bail.

A police officer who is handling the case said in previous cases like this, the offender would be cautioned or ordered to do community service since they are both minors and also considering that their age difference is not that huge. 

The pregnancy is said to be 4 months old.