Police Roadblock Saves Kidnapping Victim
2 January 2022
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By A Correspondent- While some motorists view police roadblocks as an annoyance, one man has a blockade to thank after police manning a roadblock in Kadoma rescued him from a kidnapping.

The incident took place on New Year’s Eve (Friday).

According to police, two of the four-man gang who staged the kidnapping have since been accounted for.

Police in Kadoma arrested John Kaboda (36) and Zivanai Katenhe (42) for cases of robbery and kidnapping.

“The suspects, together with two others, still at large, attacked a complainant (27) at Waverly Bus Stop, dragged him into a Honda Fit vehicle and stole his wallet containing US$82 before speeding off with the complainant towards Rimuka,” said the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) on its Twitter account.

“Alert police officers who were manning Chitezi Roadblock pursued the vehicle, after the victim called for assistance while the vehicle was passing at the Police check point leading to the arrest of the suspects.”-statemedia