“Address Governance. Legitimacy Crisis To Stop Illegal Migration To S.A”: MDC Alliance
3 January 2022
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border jumpers

By A Correspondent- MDC Alliance Secretary on International Relations Gladys Hlatywayo has scoffed at government’s solution to the illegal migration of Zimbabweans into neighbouring South Africa arguing that there is no need for a National Security Task Force but addressing the broader governance and legitimacy crisis in Zimbabwe.

Hlatywayo said:

1/3 A government worth its salt must be embarrassed by such, for it is a serious indictment of the governance situation in Zimbabwe. For more than two decades, Zimbabweans have tracked down south in huge numbers, running away from the crisis of bad governance in Zimbabwe.

2/3 The solution is not a “National Security Task Force to thwart illegal activities along the border with South Africa” The solution is to address the broader governance & legitimacy crisis so that citizens do not need to flock to SA. Address the problem and not the symptoms.

/3 We continue to appeal to our neighboring countries @DIRCO_ZA@PresidencyZA@BWPresidency & the regional block @SADC_News to pay attention to Zim’s governance & illegitimacy crisis. Without addressing the root causes, Zimbabweans will continue flocking to neighboring countries.