Voter Rights Lobby NGO Exposes ZEC
3 January 2022
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By-Non-governmental organisation programme dubbed Project Vote 263 claims that it facilitated the registration of 9 635 voters throughout the country last year. This comes as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is saying almost 3 000 people were registered as new voters. In a statement issued on the 31st of December 2021, Project Vote 263 said:
Fellow Zimbabweans, it is such an honor that we conclude the year 2021 with the hope that we ensure the full participation of Zimbabweans to register through our potbellied geographical area and our different political persuasion. It’s that time of the year again where we have to give an honor for the blessing of life as we managed to win against the battle of COVID 19. We also take this opportunity to thank all young volunteers of ProjectVote263 as we reflect on the work we have been doing in our country to serve and sacrifice to ensure election rights be part and parcel of our community life. We have been engaging communities since March 2021, taking them through voter education. After realizing the concerns raised by the citizens of failing to easily access ZEC centres we have in June 2021 started to embark on the provision of transport and mobility services and until this date we have been doing the best we can to help people reach out to ZEC centres. The table below illustrates the number of registrants and their respective Provinces.