Mavaza Says Chamisa Has Disappeared Ahead Of Bi Elections
7 January 2022
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At the start of his rule ED said he would spend a lot of time listening. That’s what he has done over the last three years, and that’s what he is doing even now. The President listened to people who wanted to patronise him. He listened to those with vested interests. He even listened to millionaires trying to buy influence. He listened to highly selective focus groups and those who have a sense of entitlement. The president did not only listen to ordinary people but he heard them and acted. He listened to their concerns about transport blues and he made sure ZUPCO would be resurrected. He purchased buses and today we have over a thousand buses gracing our towns. He listened to those in education and he heard them. As we speak the president is revamping education. Teacher’s plight is being looked at and soon and very very soon teachers will be happy and indeed very happy.

The president listened to their fears about the National health system and infrastructure which is rundown and horribly bad. Now the health system is improving the infrastructure is getting unprecedented attention. We will be having world class hospitals 2030. Zimbabwe had never seen such blitz lightning speed in development all thanks to ED and ZANU PF. The president has listened to their disillusionment with politicians who break their promises and betray their trust. On that he is takikng MOS to task. He is taking ministers to task. He is action based leader and his motivation is results. He understands that there are some politicians taking advantage of the people. The President is on their case.
The previous fight between the ZANU PF and the opposition parties has excluded millions in Zimbabwe from their own election. It has divided the country and the country missed a lot by not taking advise from opposition politicians. To that end and the first of its kind ED came up with POLAD where all views are harnessed towards the best interest of Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe wants politicians to stand up and address the issues that matter to them and not selfish and personal issues.
In his three years in office ED has demanded that politicians make commitments that are clear and costed.
He has realised that the people of Zimbabwe want leadership they can trust. So trust is earned ED has earned your trust. Just look at the improvements he has made in the country. It is remarkable and we must trust his leadership.
There are now less than Eighty days to go to the by elections.
And it is the opportunity to let ED that we trusted him and still trust his leadership.
We have this chance to turn this into a by election that sets Zimbabwe on the right course for the years ahead. This should a by-election that focuses on the long term. These by-elections are about the issues that matter to people.`
Any day now, we expect a barrage of lies and distortions from the Chamisa Team the like of which we have never seen before.
After twenty two years in opposition they’ve got very cosy with demonising Zimbabwe now they are more frightened than ever of losing their grip on urban dwellers. People have opened their eyes. And when the Chamisa and his team get frightened, they get negative, and they get nasty.
Instead of engaging in honest debate, they will put up thousands of posters, distorting the truth and flooding the social media with lies.
Instead of confronting voters face to face, they will ring people up, whispering lies about our policies in the social media and creating a make belief bad political situation in Zimbabwe.
Instead of talking about their record, they will fight the most negative, most nasty campaign imaginable.
We must not be fooled by the opposition. Just open your eyes and see what ED has done. It goes without saying that as a country Zimbabwe is at a better place than it was without ED in the realm of things.
The best antidote to negative MDC campaigning is to fight positively on our programme for Zimbabwe.
We must make Zimbabwe a better place to be and a place where our people can be proud of.
And our Party has a duty to make that happen. To offer people a different choice.
The investment to give our children the best possible education.
Clear, costed commitments to protect and improve our health system.
We have seen the increase in cases of armed robbery give ED the chance to fight against crime.
Stability and long-term investment for business success is our key to improve our economy. A stable economy rides on the stable government. Allow this government to be stable and give it time to bring home the results.

We have heard much about trust. But politicians can’t expect to be taken on trust. They’ve got to earn people’s trust. Trust comes from being straight with people. It comes from being consistent in your principles and policies. It comes from sums that add up.
Over the last three years, the MDC have proved that they cannot be trusted.
Over the last twenty years , MDC has failed to prove that they are worthy of our trust.
What ED and ZANU PF have set out to do in this campaign is to earn people’s trust.That’s why ED has stuck to core values and consistent beliefs of the party and the people of Zimbabwe.
That’s why we produced a costed manifesto. A menu with prices.
The new dispensation offers clear, costed commitments to restore dignity to put more doctors and nurses on hospital wards, to rehabilitate our roads and our buildings. Ed has managed to put the sunshine back in Harare.
In these three years we have won people’s respect for our straight talking and honesty on everything.
It is time to go for victory.
Now what do I mean by victory?
I mean that by sending a massive force of ZANU PF MPs to PARLIAMENT to fight for our schools and hospitals, it becomes your victory. Why would you put back MOS who have been recalled. They will recall them again. As we stand now Chamisa has been planning for a name of his party. As of yesterday he was planning to plan the plan of planning to plan the name. Who can put his trust there. We need a victory
for your children and grandchildren.
A victory for your schools and hospitals.
A victory for you a victory for Zimbabwe.
We have a number of people disillusioned with the ever breaking up MDC. To those we welcome you to ZANU PF. As ZANU OF the first thing in our mind is in our first word in our name. ZIMBABWE.
And if you believe, like I do, that in the next Parliament, we’ve got to protect our Health Service, we’ve got to look after our environment, and that above all else, we’ve got to launch the biggest, most committed drive to improve education that we have ever seen, then the vote that doesn’t count, the vote that doesn’t make the difference, the ‘wasted vote’, is the MDC.

If you want more doctors and nurses in our hospitals, then the only way you will get them is by voting ZANU PF. A
To elect MDC at this election would be a mass triumph of hope over experience.
They make impossible promises.
Vote for the things you believe in. We have won the war against CORONA VIRUS.
Now we must win the seats which were abandoned by MDC.
Join us as we go for victory.
Join us, and together, we can make the difference. ZANU PF you and me have work to do.

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