LIVE: UK Jobs Open For Foreigners To Apply Direct Not Through ConWomen Olinda Chapel, Carol Nyakudya
9 January 2022

Britain is offering Visas for farm jobs including drivers, fruit pickers, General Farm Workers, Vegetable Farm Workers, Meat Packers, Farm Labour Supervisor, Greenhouse Supervisor, Dairy Farm Worker and many more, announced senior journo Hopewell Chin’ono.

• General Farm Workers

• Live Stock Farm Workers

• Vegetable Farm Workers

• Meat Packers

• Farm Labour Supervisor

• Greenhouse Supervisor

• Dairy Farm Worker

• Flower Farm Hand

• Hog Farm Laborers

• Farm Equipment Service Technicians

• Milkers

• Field Workers

• Poultry Technicians

• Truck Drivers

• Production Technicians

• Fruit packers

• Aquaculture Technicians

• Farm Assistants

• Maintenance Mechanics

• Farm Manager

• Farm Machinery Operators

• Vineyard Workers

• Farm worker, mushrooms

• Live Poultry Handlers

• Forklift Operators

• Sale Associates

• Regenerative Farm Workers

• Carpentry

• Production Supervisors

Job requirements


English Or French


No degree, certificate or diploma


Will train