Zimbabwean Health Care Workers Lament Ill-treatment At Blakehil Healthcare Ltd
13 January 2022

Letter to the Editor

Tiriku Uk takauya nevamwe ne work visa iri but uhm tatambura weee

Hie ladies,

First of all thank you so much ladies with companies by giving sponsorships to fellow Zimbabweans.

But i dont get it why some of the companies are abusing fellow Zimbabweans .i just want to name and shame Blakehil healthcare ltd which is in Bristol and Chippenham .

The manager Lorraine Gazi is abusing and ill treating her employees,but why?

People are being forced to work more than 65 hours a week ,she doesnt wanna give them rest.forcing them not to stick on their 39 hour contract weekly!she is addicted on getting new packages without staff,even if it means you have to drive 25 minutes away to the other client ,she doesnt care.

There is no shadowing or even files in clients houses,she just say go and figure something out in client’s house without Care plan.

Is that how it works ladies.She doesnt give us Rota for the week or anything,you are just told that tommorow go to work and even if you are off,she just calls you and say if you dont want to work i will report you to home office. revoke your sponsorship and send you back home?

Many of us are regretting, Is this how it works here?Many people in December got £500 as their salary,then she is saying we have to pay her first month rent £550 room, Admin fees for sponsorship £2500,and the December rent £550 .where could we possibly get that money when we ddnt get enough money in November.Some of us now have suicidal thoughts !

If only we knew this when we were still in Zim,i dont think many of us would have come to work at Blakehil.

Two girls have already left the company because of her ill treatment and She is always telling us in her groups that any move ,she will make us go back home.

What can we do because we havent even registered with Gp,there is no time to do that because of too much work .

This environment at Blakehil is toxic