BREAKING: Chadcombe Robbery Case, ZACC Targets Police Officer
18 January 2022
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By A Correspondent | As the trial of the ZB Bank accused ‘gang’ some who were named in the shooting at former Detective Joseph Nemaisa’s home in December 2021, is underway, some of the loot from the ZB Bank robbery has gone missing from the strongroom, it has emerged.

Harare Magistrates Court

The Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission has discovered that of the USD100,000 found inside one of the lories purchased from loot money, USD70,000 has gone missing while in police hands.

A cop surnamed, Jachi has been accused of theft.

ZACC was on Wednesday caught up in the matter investigating what is happening, which comes days after one of the dead suspects in the Nemaisa house robbery (Charles Chirara) case received military 21 gun salute honour during burial in Hurungwe.

Chirara’s family who produce bullet evidence that contradicts ex cop Nemaisa, have continued to allege that their loved one was unfairly accused. They say that Nemaisa’s claim that he shot Charles Chirara at the chest is not credible because the post mortem says he was shot at the thigh.

They also say Nemaisa’s account to the ZBC that he exchanged fire with the accused before gunning down 3 of them at his house in December, is inconsistent with his other interview with ZimEye where he said he outsmarted the gang and aimed at them unawares because it was totally dark outside, giving him perfect view of the inside of the house.

Nemaisa says the stribog-firearm he used to kill the 3 accused belongs to the gold oligarch ‘Scott’ Pedzisai Sakupwanya.

The trial continues at the Harare Magistrates Court. – MORE TO FOLLOW