LIVE: William Chinyanga Court Verdict At Old Bailey
27 January 2022
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By A Correspondent | Zim activist William Chinyanga has been called back into court at the Old Bailey for the verdict on his trial, which is expected to be announced any time from now. Chinyanga is on trial for incitement to terrorism over utterances he made after being personally threatened with military level violence (bombings, shootings and beatings) by UK based ZANU PF terorists, and 3 months later later just after CCC President Nelson Chamisa suffered a live ammunition attack in Marondera on 1 Dec 2019.

It is the Defendant’s case that he was simply jesting back the same strong language flung at him and other opposition activists.

A twelve member jury is expected to deliver their unanimous judgement after they failed to reach agreement on Wed.

ZimEye brings you the live coverage at the court building.