“Mnangagwa Unelectable”
27 January 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| The leader of the Citizens Coalition For Change, President Nelson Chamisa has said Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa does not have the capacity to win the 2023 Presidential Election.

President Chamisa made the remarks at a media briefing in Harare on Monday.

President Chamisa’s political party has rebranded to Citizens Coalition For Change.

He said:
“Because we are building a new, we are also in the process of building a A TEAM, a team that cannot be defeated. 2023 is already a done deal, that’s why they are jumping from pillar to post, they know that the game is on, and the A TEAM is ready.

We need to restore the dignity of our people, which is restored by having an organized institution, away from the clutter & confusion that you’ve seen. Mr ED thank you, you’ve helped us clean our basket. All the bad apples you’ve taken, enjoy the meal.”

“We’ll not repeat the mistakes of what we did, where after winning, you abuse us. Mnangagwa didn’t win, but was saved by the courts. He has suffered from illegitimacy, that’s why he can’t solve problems in this country. ED has squandered every chance,” added President Chamisa.