Let’s Resolve Zim Crisis Together, President Chamisa Appeals To Ramaphosa
28 January 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| Citizens Coalition For Change leader President Nelson has urged the government of the Republic of South Africa to play a leading role in resolving the political crisis in Zimbabwe.

According to President Chamisa, the immigration crisis can only be solved by finding a lasting solution to the political and social mayhem in Zimbabwe.

” The leader of Zimbabwe’s former MDC, Nelson Chamisa, says South Africa must assist its neighbour to address its challenges.

Chamisa says if not, Zimbabweans will continue to cross the border to SA seeking greener pastures,” SABC reported on Thursday.

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On Friday President Chamisa wrote on Twitter:

Colour your life Yellow!The future is very Yellow Hebo Yellow Zimbabwe! We’re number One! #CCC #RegisterToVoteZW #Godisinit