“Dear Ambassador Cooter”
7 February 2022
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High Commission of Canada
1103 Arcadia Street
(Corner Arcadia and Hilda Streets)
Hatfield, Pretoria, South Africa
[email protected]

Dear Ambassador Mr Chris Cooter

I hereby write this letter to protest the abuse of Canadian truckers and the freedom convoy by the Canadian Police.

As a freedom loving Zimbabwean I have an obligation to challenge you and your government to stop violating the human rights enshrined in Canadian constitution.

The Freedom Convoy is not violating the Canadian constitution or laws but it’s Canadians expressing their rights and opposition to Covid-19 mandates.

Covid-19 Vaccination is fake, it’s poison and is killing some people. It does not protect anyone from getting Covid nor spreading Covid. Therefore people must not be forced to take the vaccination. Those who want can take it and those who do not want must not be forced via mandates.

It’s inalienable rights of Canadians to reject covid-19 vaccination. Please allow the Freedom Convoy and all Canadian people to demonstrate and express their displeasure at Covid-19 mandates.

I am worried that the Canadian government is becoming evil and autocratic just like evil despots in many other countries.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must stop abusing the rights of Canadians and violation of the constitution. The Canadian government must stop interfering with $10 million which Freedom Convoy raised via Fundme Crowdfunding. The Freedom Convoy must be allowed to access that money.

It is my prayer that Canada does not become a banana republic. It is my prayer that your government will continue respecting rights of Canadians and freedom of assembly, demonstration and freedom not to take medical experiment.

May Canada continue to be a place of refugee and hope for people who face persecutions in many parts of the world.

Yours for freedom of Canadians,

Collen Makumbirofa [email protected]