12 CCC Members Arrested In Gweru
8 February 2022
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By- Police in Gweru has arrested 12 members of the Citizens Coalition for Change for partaking in a party roadshow.

According to NewZimbabwe.com, the police also disrupted the roadshow after arresting the 12.

This happened on the weekend.

CCC candidate for Mkoba in the 26 March by-elections, Amos Chibaya, who was part of the roadshow, confirmed the development to NewZimbabwe

“We were doing a roadshow in Mkoba on Sunday with our vehicles peacefully without any noise.

Police disrupted the programme, and they took keys from some vehicles and arrested drivers and some of our supporters.

I spoke to the Dispol (district police officer), and she was talking of unlawful gathering.

I then asked how she could talk of unlawful gathering when we are were not gathered, and we were in our vehicles.

What is disturbing is that Zanu PF is allowed to move around with vehicles doing exactly what we were doing”, said Chibaya.