7 Soldiers Deployed To Kill Susan Mutami In Australia
8 February 2022
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Dear Editor.

There are 7 MID officers who are right now looking for Susan Mutami to kill her in Australia. She needs to be smart.


You might not get it, Susan Mutami is Mudha and July Moyo hitting back at Mnangagwa, that’s why there are all these sudden splashes on ED.  


Hon Polite Kambamura with Susan Mutami (2020)

Before the November 2017 coup, Emmerson Mnangagwa had a docket of him presented before former president Robert Mugabe. Susan had gone to see Grace Mugabe and she complained saying Mnangagwa has many women and he is such a monster.

Susan Mutami was swifty sent to the Australian embassy and would soon be a witness against Mnangagwa; then the coup happened and the court case was never sat and Susan got hooked to SB Moyo. Moyo was Constantino Chiwenga’s black eyed boy.

There are right now 7 MID officers who are busy looking for Susan Mutami to eliminate her near her home in Brisbane, in Australia.  If she is smart, she needs to make a quick move.  This might be her only survival.

I also think that CCC people should be weaponising the leaks Susan Mutami is spilling out, because Mnangagwa did a lot of dirty things before and after the coup.