Pachedu Exposes Elections Rigging Currently Happening In Kwekwe
8 February 2022
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By A Correspondent| Twitter based advocacy group Pachedu has exposed a the ongoing rigging that is taking place ahead of the Kwekwe amid reports that 1416 people have been moved from other constituencies into Kwekwe central where there is pending by-elections.

A further 600 people moved from Mbizo to Kwekwe central.

Posting on Twitter, Pachedu said the fishy happenings point to undergoing rigging.

Something fishy is happening in Kwekwe Central. 1 416 voters moved from other constituencies into Kwekwe. Only 14 left. Of these, 600 people moved from Mbizo to Kwekwe Central. Why are pple moving to Kwekwe yet so few have moved into Mbizo & Redcliff?,” said Pachedu.

Commenting on the Pachedu post, CCC Treasurer General David Coltart said rigging of by-elections is easier compared to a general election.

“This is precisely what I predicted weeks ago. By elections are easier to rig than a general election: manipulate the voters roll by moving People’s names in from neighboring constituencies and then on the day physically move them in to vote,” said Coltart.