Passion Java Blocks Harare CBD
9 February 2022
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By- George Silundika Avenue has been closed for the past two days to allow controversial preacher and Zanu PF sympathiser Passion Java to record a music video.

Business came to a standstill at the corner of First Street and George Silundika Monday as people jostled for a piece of the action.
The video is for Uncle Epatan’s song titled ‘Kopo,’ a word which the prophet usually uses in his conversations.

But, it was Prophet Passion, who stole the show, as he had to be escorted by bouncers as many people asked him for handouts saying “siya something” – the phrase popularised by Zim dancehall chanter Enzol Ishall.

A few were complaining about the legality of having to close part of a street for two days for a video shoot.
But, the City of Harare said everything was done above board.
Council spokesperson, Michael Chideme, Monday said Passion Java followed all the regulations pertaining to the closure of part of George Silundika Avenue, to shoot the music video.
The street was packed and people and motorists were forced to use alternative routes.
Chideme said barricading streets for video shoot purposes was not only allowed but encouraged.
“Anyone can apply to Council if they want to close a road for a video shoot,” he said.
“Passion Java actually did things by the book. He applied with us and was given permission to do the video.
“We actually love the shooting of videos in the streets of Harare because it actually promotes Brand Harare.”
In an interview with H-Metro, Passion said they were shooting visuals of the song ‘‘Kopo’’ by Uncle Epatan featuring X-Faya.
He said the song provokes feelings of nostalgia.
“The song we are shooting here is called Kopo. We are just trying to bring back the old days because our kids have lost the taste of what we were when we were kids.
“That’s why in this song we are singing ‘simoreya amhinakadeya’ because these are the songs we grew up singing and we want those songs to remain alive in this generation and next generations.
“We basically want to bring back the old feeling so that today’s children know the old languages like ‘kopo’ and other things too.”
The prophet said they decided to shoot the video near First Street because they want to promote Harare.
“We decided to do the video in First Street because we want people to feel the Harare vibe or atmosphere.
“Mostly, when people visit Harare or enter this capital city, they pass through First Street.
“It is the heart of this capital. It is the main reason we decided to do the shoot here.
“So, we applied and got the approval and here we are shooting. It is also for raising our brand as Passion Java Records.”
Passion has revealed he is also helping Karoi-based chanter X-Faya, who is featuring on Epatan’s song.
“This song has Uncle Epatan and X-Faya. X-Faya was actually in Karoi. We had to drive there and pick him up and get a place to rent for him and a car.
“The reason is to uplift the youths and the future generation,” he said. H Metro