Seh Calaz Reaffirms His Support To Chamisa
9 February 2022
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By-Zimdancehall musician Seh Calaz has reaffirmed his allegiance to opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change president Nelson Chamisa.

Last week, the Mabhanditi hitmaker, real name Tawanda Mumanyi, sent a birthday message to Chamisa, who leads the newly-formed CCC party claiming that the 44-year-old politician is the one tasked with bringing salvation to Zimbabwe.

The Tweet attracted the wrath of social media users who accused him of using Chamisa’s name to “revive his waning music career.”

Posting on his Facebook page, the Zimdancehall chanter said he, like everyone else, is entitled to his political views. Seh Calaz said:
I simply come as a Zimbabwean and my concern is mainly with the millions of Zimbabwean youths and even adults who never have a fair chance to ask questions, they need answers for without prejudice or fear. A lot of youths would like to engage in political discussions but our history in Africa as a whole is marred by violence when it comes to such issues and that is the reason, we end up not participating in such issues.
We as Zimbabweans are so full of hatred and animosity towards our fellow countrymen and it is mainly because we want to dictate and force everyone to choose what we want. If someone has a different opinion, they then become an enemy.
For a nation that is educated, we are so backward in acting and even though our own constitution states that every Zimbabwean citizen has the right to make political choices freely, we always find a way to attack and demonise fellow citizens for choosing freely.
Seh Calaz blamed public influencers for failing to guide the masses accordingly especially the youths in dealing away with the stigma of being an oppositional party supporter.