Son Beheads Mother, Burns Remains
9 February 2022
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By- The skull suspected to be that of Juliet Chapfuruka (65), who was allegedly murdered in cold blood in Mudzi was recovered near a shallow grave she was buried by the suspect on Monday.

Chapfuruka from Maruza Village, Chief Nyamukoho in Mudzi ,was allegedly killed by her son Jephat Nyakutira, (28) who is reportedly mentally challenged.

Reports say after beheading his mother, Jephat allegedly tried to burn her remains but failed and went on to dig a shallow grave where he buried the body without the head.

Reports say the skull was later found by the deceased’s daughter-in-law, Muchaneta Kanyepa (27), in a bushy area in the same village near the shallow grave and she informed her husband who then alerted the police.
Police spokesperson for Mashonaland East Province, Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi, confirmed the latest development adding that the deceased’s son, Jephat, had since been arrested in connection with the issue.
“On February 7, 2022 around 5am, the deceased’s son Shadreck Nyakutira (31) and his wife, Muchaneta Kanyepa, conducted a search for the missing head of the deceased. Kanyepa discovered the skull believed to be of the deceased in a bushy area and she informed her husband who then covered the skull with a metal dish and later informed the police.
“Around 10 am, ZRP Nyamapanda attended the scene where they discovered that the skull was found about 85 metres from where the deceased was previously buried and also that the skull had no jaws. It was conveyed to Kotwa Hospital Mortuary for post-mortem,” Inspector Chazovachiyi said.

Reports say that on February 2, 2022, the deceased’s neighbour Serinah Chitonho (43), went to check for Chapfuruka at her homestead but could not find her.
Allegations are that she questioned the deceased’s son, Jephat, who was present at the homestead but he professed ignorance on his mother’s whereabouts.
Chitonho informed the deceased’s relative Persuade Mvundura about her missing relative and the duo teamed up and conducted a search.
It is said that while conducting the search, the duo came across a fresh grave in the field of the deceased, about 52 metres from her homestead. The duo became suspicious and dug the grave resulting in the discovery of the remains of Chapfuruka.
Mvundura allegedly went on to make a police report over the case and police officers from Nyamapanda attended to the scene and noted the body of the deceased lying facing upwards with no head and in an advanced state of decomposition.
The body had signs of it having been burnt and as police made a closer scrutiny of the surroundings. Officers discovered a fireplace where the suspect is believed to have attempted to burn the deceased’s body.

A search for the head was carried out around the area of the scene and the search team recovered a human jaw, teeth and grey hair near the shallow grave.