Teachers Are Not Slaves – CCC Tells Mnangagwa
9 February 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens’ Coalition For Change ( Namibia) says the 20% pay rise awarded to teachers is an insult to the suffering educators.

Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is reluctant to resolve civil servants’ grievances, according to Citizens’ Coalition For Change.

See statement below:

09 February 2022

20% of nothing is an insult to diligent educators! Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia urges teachers to unite against slave wages.

As the People’s Democratic Yellow Movement, we are absolutely perplexed by the clueless Zanupf regime’s daylight threats to the rest of the civil servants who are unable to report for duty because of underpayment. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia demands that the ruthless government led by Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa must spare their threats and commence to pay our diligent teachers a living wage replacing their unsalted peanuts. Zimbabwe’s teachers are severely incapacitated and can only be capacitated when the value of their salaries is restored to a minimum of US$540. We want to encourage teachers’unions to continue fighting against slave wages, our teachers are highly qualified to deserve this pathetic maltreatment by these belly politicians who continue to loot with impunity.

Moreso, Artuz, Ptuz, Zimta and other teachers’ unions must demonstrate unity, commitment and dedication to liberate the teaching fraternity from the jaws of authoritarians. We salute the courage and varlour from Zimta which used to be pro-Zanupf in the remote and recent fights against suicidal policies in the education sector. It was quite exhilarating to hear revolutionary words from Zimta when it pronounced its incapacitation. The 20% offer is US$175 is a mockery to the intelligentsia of the nation and it is way behind their October 2018 figure of US$540. This is incontrovertible evidence proving the government’s unwillingness to better the pathetic lives of educators. It has not however, capacitated teachers to pick up their torn and tattered bags anytime soon.

The vibrant teachers’unions in the names of the radical Amalgamated Rural Teachers’Union championed by President Obert Masaraure and the progressive Progressive Teachers’Union led by President Dr Takavafira Zhou echoed the same revolutionary trajectory. They concurred that the 20% salary elevation still falls short of their expectations to liberate teachers who are wallowing in poverty. The united teachers’unions resolved that teachers remain incapacitated, they emphasised the need to confront those who are eating on their behalf. It is an insult in the eyes of social democrats to see a junior soldier harvesting more than the Deputy Provincial Education Director. This a mockery to the hardworking educators in Zimbabwe that is why Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia pledges to fight for a people’s government.

Moreover, teachers’ unions have vowed to soldier on with their incapacitation action since negotiations with the desperate regime have faltered. Citizens Coalition For Change resonates with Artuz leadership who postulated that the Government should be upholders of the right to education yet they appear unperturbed by the deep crisis in the mismanaged education sector. It becomes imperative for Zimbabweans to clamour for a people’s government that respects the basic fundamental human rights. The power hungry Zanupf cronies must respect the constitution of the country as provided on section 75 of the constitution which clearly instructs the government to uphold and protect the right to education. It is our moral and political obligation as social democrats to hold duty bearers accountable and we should not allow the education sector to collapse with our eyes wide-open.

Furthermore, the corrupt Zanupf government must desist from threatening and harassing innocent educators who are simply demanding a living wage. The perpetual infringement on the basic universal right to education for more than 4.6 million learners in Zimbabwe must be resisted with equal measure. Section 65 of the supreme law of the motherland provides the right to a fair remuneration against the satanic meagre salaries being offered by this greedy and insensitive government. The Zanupf government has dismally failed to reasonably uplift the teachers’ salaries due to their clear insatiable appetite for personal aggrandisement.

In a nutshell, if these advocates of rhetoric politics remain obdurate, resisting to restore the genuine value of educators’ salaries to a minimum of US$540, our hungry teachers, abused learners and desperate parents must democratically fight for poverty liberation as well as the respect of their basic right to education. This sadist Zanupf government does not care about the value of education because they thrive on looting, graft, bribery and smuggling. They subscribe to an informal economy where the uneducated enjoy at the expense of the intelligentsia. We really need a People’s Government to displace this corrupt dictatorship.

Teachers should remain resolute in demanding a living wage from these belly politicians who sent their kids to elite private where teachers are handsomely paid. Zimbabweans must unite against poverty and exploitation. It’s now imperative to demand the restoration of teachers dignity, restore the classroom and a living wage from the satanic government. Thanks Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union, Progressive Teachers Union and other progressive unions who are offering solidarity with the vibrant ones.








Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya