Grace Mugabe Finishes Mnangagwa Off
10 February 2022
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The below is a file video of former First Lady Grace Mugabe around this time exactly 6 years ago saying: Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government will not lift a piece of straw.

She poetically said Mnangagwa will be the type of person who overstays just after entering in, meaning his leadership will be characterised by a lot of restlessness and emtpy pursuit. She said: “you know how it will happen is that you will enter like this, and then overstay just after entering; there is a small fella who brags at me who says i went to the warfront, I don’t get orders from Mai Mugabe because I went to the war; Why do you go into the public and say you fought in the war, Mai Mugabe should not correct me?

“You yourselff saying such a thing that I should not correct you when I see you are destroying the party? No, down with you.

“This thing that you will rise up with solders to go and bomb a place, not it will not work; it will actually work against you, because what is there is that you just want to frighten Mai and Baba Mugabe, to threaten us saying you will go to their Dairy farm, we have to threaten them because they will take our seats – you are totally mad! You are mad. Which seat? Who told you that there is a vacancy at State House? I am still there, my clothes are still there, and those of my children.

“It is God because God is telling vaMugabe to finish what he started. Finish what you started. You know if vaMugabe was the type that sleeps around, he would have left so many kids around; as for you we will not reveal how many kids you have dotted across the country; but you want to spend time insulting me, saying Mugabe took a second wife; it is actually fine because he married me the right way; I am not the prostitute you spend time gossiping about. You, the prostitutes you bedded up to this day you are sleeping with, you stop talking since you know you have skeletons inside.”