Journalist Lands Top Post At Newly Launched Environment Organisation
10 February 2022
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By Tafadzwa Muranganwa| A freelance journalist who write extensively on climate change has been named as the president of a newly formed environmental organisation.

The journalist , Tendai Keith Guvamombe ,was  announced as the new president of EcoEthics Zimbabwe on Thursday by Lisa Cutter ,a US legislator .

“I hereby ,officially announce Mr Tendai Guvamombe as the president of EcoEthics Zimbabwe,”she said .

Before making the big announcement, Lisa Cutter who is the ruling  Democratic Party ,Colorado House of Representative ,told delegates who included journalists to guard against misinformation  with regards to climate change.

“There is a big concern on the proliferation of misinformation on  climate change where different theories are being perpetuated for example that its not humans who are the major contributor to climate change.

“Such misinformation need to be countered and thus journalists play a big role in addressing such,”she said.

According to the founder of EcoEthics Global  Movement ,Madhvi Chittour ,African countries should take seriously sustainability policies to preserve the environment and guard against climate change.

“I would like to implore the African Union to prioritise sustainability policies and change the mindset of citizens to enhance sustainable  development.

“This can be done by introducing sustainable development in the schools  curricula,” demanded the 10-year-old Colorado-based climate change activist .

“Conserving top soil is the best way to fight climate change,” added the young activist.

Accepting his new role, freelance journalist , Tendai Guvamombe ,said he was humbled and ready to lead young people in addressing climate change.

“Words can fail me to express my gratitude. With the mandate I have been entrusted with I am  going to hit the ground running to ensure young people are at the pinnacle of advocating for measures to curb the effects of climate change,” said Guvamombe.

The Zimbabwe Youth Council representative Mr Tatenda Mutasa assured all young people who wish to take up sustainable development and eco-friendly projects to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change that the government was ready to support such initiatives.