Mberengwa Chief Impregnates Neighbour’s Wife
11 February 2022
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Mberengwa – Chief Bvute born Andrew Bvute (67) of Mberengwa has impregnated the wife of a man who used to sell him sex enhancing tablets.

Biggy Munyesegwa (43) of Yorks Business Centre in Mberengwa discovered the pregnancy through messages in his wife’s phone on Saturday.

The Mirror is in possession of the messages.

Chief Bvute confirmed the allegations although he initially denied the story. He later said that the woman told him that she was single.

There are many complaints that Chief Bvute who stays 2km away from Yorks Business Centre goes out with married women. The Mirror is told that Munyesegwa had at the time of going to Press reported the issue to Mberengwa District Development Co-ordinator Vafios Hlavati and was referred to Chief Chizunze.

Munyesegwa told The Mirror this week that Chief Bvute was a regular client who bought sex enhancing tablets from him. When Munyesegwa is not at home, the tablets are sold by his wife Princess Musorowachena (30) and Munyesegwa therefore introduced his wife to the chief.

“I remember introducing my wife to the chief, telling her to respect the chief and never to disclose to anyone that he was buying sex tablets. The chief had to buy tablets in private,” said Munyesegwa.

Munyesegwa went to work at Sabi Mine in Zvishavane in September last year and he came back suddenly and found his wife with a phone that she secretly kept. He grabbed the phone and went through the messages and discovered love messages between the Chief and Musorowachena.

He was shocked to realise from the messages that his wife was even pregnant with the chief.

The messages between the chief and Musorowachena have gone viral in the villages.

“I am hurt and confused. I am asking the world to help me, I don’t know what to do. Bvute was my client who bought sex tablets from me. I introduced him to my wife so that he could get his orders from her whenever I am not there.

“I recall saying to her, this is our chief please ensure that he is given privacy when he buys tablets because he is a respected person in the community.

“I was away since September last year and when I came back I noticed my wife was having an affair with the chief and they communicated using a small secret phone [Kambudzi],” said Munyesegwa.

In one of the messages the wife said to the chief:

“I am pregnant are you going to take good care of the pregnancy till birth?”

The chief replied “ko wazogoita nhumbu sei uri pajongwe rako, (But why did you fall pregnant when you have a husband?”

“It was a mistake,” said the wife.

“Am appealing to the world for help, how can I deal with this matter.

“I suggest the unscrupulous chief should be punished because news coming around the community says the chief has a habit of falling in love with married woman,” narrated an embittered Munyesegwa.

Munyesegwa and Musorowachena have been married since 2013 and are blessed with two children.

Bvute initially said the story was false but when The Mirror told him that the messages to Musorowachena was coming from the same number that The Mirror had called him, he said the woman told him she wasn’t married.

“I didn’t know that the woman is married. She lied to me that she was single and we started dating. How could I date a married woman?” asked Bvute.https://masvingomirror.com