Mrewa Mission Charges USD489 for Uniforms Before School Fees
11 February 2022
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Dear Mr Chikanza.

school save this uniform is worth $489

Mrewa Mission is charging US$489 for uniforms before you pay school fees rtgs 58000 for 2022 form 1. Yesterday 9 January 2022 was registration day.  Please help expose this; we are now owing money we are not able to pay.  If you run around in Harare you would purchase the uniforms cheaper.  

They were not accepting the child unless you produce payment of US489.
Please expose this scam l am sure it is happening in many schools in Zimbabwe. To be honest the only thing you would buy from the school is tracksuit as it has a logo. Wish to remain anonymous.  Thank you for great work you are doing.

Struggling parent.