Zanu PF Rigging Tactics Exposed
11 February 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Zanu PF hooligans raided a house belonging to a Citizens’ Coalition For Change member in Gutu District on Wednesday.

The rowdy Zanu PF members smashed window panes -demanding to see the CCC member.

“We have received reports of vandalism in Gutu ward 33. It is allerged that
militia visited this homestead destroyed the windows looking for a young man who aspire to be a councillor representing
@CCCZimbabwe,” Citizens’ Coalition For Change said in a brief statement.

In a separate statement, Citizens’ Coalition For Change exposed Zanu PF’s rigging antics.

“A house in J section of Amaveni owned by Zanupf Kwekwe Central candidate Mapurazi has 164 active people registered under it. At most the house is a 4 bedroom house in high density meaning the rooms are relatively small but 164 pple are said by
to be residents there.”