Cop In Soup Over US$5 Bribe
12 February 2022
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By-A Policeman stationed at CID Headquarters was Thursday dragged to court after he allegedly received a US$5 bribe.

Detective Constable Moses Kainga (39) was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda who remanded him in custody to today for bail ruling.

The court heard that on Monday, Kainga was deployed at CID Headquarters main gate.

Chikarango Mandaza wanted to have his wife Precious Musariri’s fingerprints processed.
He was assisted by Kainga who then demanded US$5 to facilitate the process.
Mandaza reported the case to Transparency International, a non-governmental organisation.

He was accompanied by Tracy Mutiwokuziva to report the matter at CID Headquarters.
A trap was initiated and Mandaza went to CID Headquarters and joined the queue.
He handed over the US$5 and collected his wife’s fingerprints.

After the transaction was completed, the police approached Kainga and showed him the trap authority.

He was searched and found in possession of the US$5, leading to his arrest.
Ruvimbo Matyatya appeared for the State.

-H Metro