“Government Is Not A Exemplary Employer”: UANC President Muzorewa
12 February 2022
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By A Correspondent- The UANC President Dr Gwinyai Mzorewa has blasted the Zimbabwean government for its stance on striking teachers adding that the current administration was not an exemplary employer.

We publish below the full text by President Muzorewa:

Government should be the model for all employers in Zimbabwe. However, for The Public Service Commission [PSC] Secretary Ambassador Wutawunashe to announce that civil servants [Teachers] would be paid only for the days they show up to work, is abdicating responsibility.

Since the PSC’s function is “to promote the constitutionally prescribed values and principles governing public administration in the public service; investigate, monitor and evaluate the organization and administration, and the personnel practices, of the public service”, this Commission should be solving the “equity salary issue” in a fair and just fashion. For example teachers do not work at school only [more so these Covid19 days].

Excellent teachers do their lesson preparations [Planning] at home, using their own
candles, paraffin, or Zesa. For that, they are entitled to fair salaries, not less than $520 US. Ambassador Wutawunashe’s announcement to cut teachers’ pay is both punitive and intimidating.

During this pandemic, the Government does not need the various Workers’ Unions to have to demand conditions conducive to work. It should be obvious. Government Ministers, MPs and Senators, are absent from their offices, yet they get their full pay? Where is justice? At least POLAD members are paid for advising the President to get us where we are.

THE UANC‘s economic and human rights policies, as well as integrity, are not consistent with the ruling party’s policies. Opposition parties that are serious about Change, stayed away from POLAD as well.

We will collaborate with such leadership because, by definition, opposition parties must oppose government failures, knowing that they can do better. When THEUANC was last in power[ 1979-80], civil servants’ salaries, paid in good hard currency, were actually raised, and bonuses were paid in November.

Now, the RBZ Governor will resign to fulfill his promise [ $1 US to $1 WZL] which has long
expired. This would save the economy from oozing through the top- – a strange phenomenon indeed.

Technocrats will close all the corruption holes, while THEUANC politicians meet the aspirations of the nations through insistence on accountability, transparency and integrity from top echelons to tea makers.

Government has never treated civil servants, [specifically teachers, nurses and doctors] with the professional respect they deserve for the past decades. It is reported that 90% of Zimbabwe trained teachers are working outside the country. The ruling party should prohibit Government from letting it plunge the nation below the lowest socio-economic standards in the SADC region. Our neglected school children, who are our future, our supposed inheritance, belong to all, disregarding our politicalaffiliation.

President ED Mnangagwa who promises Middle Class society by 2030, should not be
entombing the same people in their premature economic graves. Over 380 teachers are reported to have committed suicide in the last few years due to hardships caused by such conditions.

THEUANC and parents whose children are taught under this imposed austerity, demand that government should NOT destroy Zimbabwean’s socio-economic values, including affordable Education, Housing and Health care systems, a sense of self-respect and a decent work ethic. In the ‘60s and ‘70s we went out of the country to fight for political freedom and independence; now people are leaving the country to fight for personal welfare, unless they are looting the nation’s wealth and in search of freedom.

In the meantime, the nation is crumbling to pieces. So we ask: was it worth it? Well, THEUANC has a reason to answer, yes, it was worth it as we bring back good governance, economic recovery and the rule of law, if we get the mandate to rule in 2023.