Eddie Pfugari’s Daughter Granted ZWL$50k Bail
13 February 2022
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Late property tycoon Eddie Pfugari’s daughter Naume Makumbe (54) was on Friday granted ZWL$50 000 bail by Harare Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda following her arrest on charges of fraud.

Makumbe was arrested at the instigation of her step brother Edward Nyanyiwa who accused her of fabricating her mother’s marriage certificate.

When Makumbe was brought before the court, the state shockingly opposed bail on the grounds that the case involved a lot of money and that they had struggled to arrest her, but Magistrate Dzuda was unconvinced as she said the complainant had no power to question a marriage certificate which their late father did not have issues against.

Eddies Pfugari’s children are embroiled in a bitter battle for the ownership of their late father’s estate amid claims that Edward Nyanyiwa who was born out of wedlock while the late businessman was in South Africa is elbowing out the rest of the children out of the empire.

It is further alleged that Edward Nyanyiwa who connected with his father at the age of 39 is also alleged to be using the police and courts to silence his brothers and sisters while he continues to solely enjoy the fruits of Eddies Pfugari empire.

The late Eddies Pfugari whose real name was Edward Nyanyiwa had a polygamous marriage and had five wives including Mildred Nyanyiwa who is Makumbe’s late mother.

In March 1980, Eddie Pfugari registered Eddie Pfugari Pvt Limited with the accused’s mother and they were both directors.

Edward Nyanyiwa’s dispute with his step brothers and sisters started when Mildred Nyanyiwa died and her biological children wanted to register her estate with the Master of High Court.

Edward Nyanyiwa violently opposed to the execution of the estate claiming that she did not have a stake in Eddie Pfugari Private Limited.

The dispute escalated when Makumbe produced a marriage certificate proving Mildred Nyanyiwa’s marriage to Eddie Pfugari and this did not sit well with Edward Nyanyiwa who then accused her of fabricating the document before reporting her to the police for fraud.