Mnangagwa Stalks Hichilema, Chamisa
14 February 2022
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By- President Emmerson Mnangagwa is stalking Zambia President Hakainde Hichilema and opposition Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa relations.

Chamisa has been friends with Hichilema when the latter was also in the opposition before defeating Edgar Lungu in last year’s election. 

Following his victory, there were fears that the wave of change might spread across the region, a development that could prove costly to conservatives and former revolutionary parties in the region which include ZANU PF and ANC in South Africa.

The NewsHawks reports that President Mnangagwa is one of those worried sick and scared stiff of a potential major geo-political and electoral shift in the country amid reports that Chamisa held meetings with Hichilema twice inside five months.

This comes as veteran Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga, who is also close to Chamisa, is believed to have high chanes of winning elections scheduled for 9 August.

The NewsHawks was told that Mnangagwa became very attentive since Hichilema’s invitation to Zimbabwe’s opposition leaders, to his inauguration. An intelligence source told the NewsHawks:

Since HH (Hichilema) came to power, the intelligence has been working hard to establish the nature of their relations and whether it involves financial support. Their worry is on various fronts: diplomatic, political and geopolitical.

Diplomatically, the issue is whether this won’t damage relations between Zambia and Zimbabwe; politically if HH supports Chamisa and his CCC, and in geopolitical terms how this will influence relations between the two countries and power relations in the region.

Bluntly put, Mnangagwa is worried that HH may fund Chamisa and influence the outcome of the 2023 elections, mainly the presidential poll.

When Chamisa flaunted his close relations with Hichilema, saying he had called him after his victory, Mnangagwa came out to claim that he was a friend to the Zambian leader and his wife, in fact, a relative.

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