Mliswa Castigates Ruling Party For Ignoring Mahoka
22 February 2022
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Motormouth Norton legislator, Temba Peter Mliswa has ripped into the ruling Zanu PF party for denying the late Hurungwe East legislator, Sarah Mahoka, a national hero status.

Mahoka (60) died in a car accident last Thursday and was laid to rest at her Mnandi farm on Monday.

Mliswa said having served the party in different capacities, Mahoka deserved a place at the provincial shrine.

Mliswa said: “She was in the Women’s League national executive as finance secretary, in the Zanu-PF central committee, she was a Member of Parliament and chairlady. It is one’s CV (curriculum vitae) that must speak, not that she sold out. Sarah never sold out.”

“Those were internal differences within the party, but sadly it’s up to those in power at that time how they take it. But were they also not part of a faction, so why hate another faction and say they had sold out? Give Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar, acknowledge what she did,” added Mliswa.

He described Mahoka as a hardworking politician who had the ability to mobilise supporters and an astute strategist who won many battles and lost some.

He acknowledged learning political strategies from the late Mahoka whom he said harboured no grudges.

Zanu-PF ostracised Mahoka and treated her unfairly, Mliswa said.

“When the Gamatox thing came in, they frustrated her. Like anybody else, people deal differently with frustration. She worked with the first lady as the golden girl. Who wouldn’t want to work with the first lady?” said Mliswa.

Mahoka created many enemies due to her proximity with Grace Mugabe.

Added Mliswa: “She was later accused of crimes she never committed, G40 and all that, its very sad. Sarah was frustrated at the end of the day. I always said she must come back.”

Mliswa said despite her fall out with Mnangagwa, Mahoka still hoped to mend relations and work for the good of the Second Republic.

“She would call me to say ‘how do we help our brother ED Mnangagwa, how can we help bhudhi?’ That was Sarah, still wanted to help at the end of the day. I didn’t want her to pass away with such a record when nobody is able to tell the truth about what she did for Zanu-PF,” said Mliswa.