ZEC In Trouble For Tampering With Voters’ Roll
24 February 2022
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The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is treading on loose ground by tampering with the National Voters Roll in a frantic bid to rig elections and perpetuate the Citizens’ suffering.

ZEC must not test a “flooded river with its bare foot” and neither must it try to jump across a river whose width it does not know.

The shambolic process or rather mutilation of the voters roll by ZEC is a great concern and a threat to the legitimacy, free fairness and credibility of future electoral processes.

The discrepancies noted are clearly intentional, systematic and a well orchestrated plan to disenfranchise thousands if not millions of voters in a clear and shameful act of grand electoral thuggery and thievery.

It is not a secret that ZEC is championing a shambolic voter registration and entry process. The whole voters’ roll is erroneous and a product of a military operation by securocrats seconded as ZEC Secretariat, and whose only resolve is to subvert the Citizens’ will at all cost.

With the manipulation of the voters’ roll, transferring of voters, obliteration of voters, unilaterally and illegally reconfiguring ward boundaries outside delimitation, the script for rigging is slowly but surely being written.

As Citizens, we demand to know who or what capacitated ZEC to make illegal, unconstitutional, unilateral changes and obliterations to the National voters roll without consulting the stakeholders as required by law.

Secondly, we demand to know why these changes were made to coincide with the By-elections?

Furthermore, we demand to know how these engineered “mistakes” by ZEC will be rectified in time for the affected not to be disenfranchised.

Thirdly,we demand to know what happened to all those who registered in 2021 considering ZEC chose to acknowledge only 2000+ new voters throwing under the bus tens of thousands of other registered voters.

Fourthly, we demand to know why ZEC pulled down its portal after the Citizens’ outcry. Is it an admission of its guiltiness or an attempt to keep the Citizens in the dark on ZEC’s incongruent management of electoral processes.

Fifthly, we demand to know how ZEC came up with the paltry 2000+ new voters yet tens of thousands had registered nationwide.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission must explain all these electoral irregularities and rectify them without inconviniencing and disenfranchising the electorate.

If ZEC insists on keeping on this war path, we will be left with no option as Citizens of this great nation to protect our national voters Roll, our National Electoral Processes and our future from marauding career politicians who focus on consolidating their power instead of focusing on future generations.

It’s high time the Citizens unite to defend the Nation and our future from career politicians. We will take legal recourse to protect our National Voters Roll and our National Election Processes to ensure free, fair and credible elections in future.

Thank you.





Mandava Blessing
VAA National Spokesperson