BREAKING: ED PUTIN CHIMURENGA PIC CRAZE: Mnangagwa Wasn’t Even A Soldier, At Any Time
25 February 2022
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Contrary to a viral picture falsely ascribed to Emmerson Mnangagwa and Vladimir Putin in 1973, the ZANU PF coupist was not at all a soldier, he was a johny-come late, an elite who usurped the struggle way later, at the end of the war, a top war veteran reveals in an account that’s remained unchallenged for over 2 years.

War Vet Cde Karen Kazingizi reveals this saying- “After studying law, he was also recruited by Robert Mugabe, to replace those who were fighting the war.

“When the war finished, when Mugabe had ended the war, the people who had elected him to lead them from the Mgagao Declaration, he had chopped them all off, all of them the Gamatox and other factions without number. He kicked all of them out accusing them of betraying the struggle. You know, we don’t want to end up telling the truth, but I think the youth deserve to know the truth.”

This picture published as if it is partly of Emmerson Mnangagwa and photographed with a man purported to be Vladimir Putin in 1973, is false and misleading. Mnangagwa was in a prison at the time, and even assuming it was him, Mnangagwa would never have been tore to tore with President Samora Machel. According to several eye witnesses, Mnangagwa was not even a soldier, at any time. Mnangagwa was a briefcase handler for Robert Mugabe who popped out from Zambia later in 1977 and suddenly got lined up for leadership. War Veteran, Cde Karen Kazingizi’s witness of who Mnangagwa was during the war is the latest most authoritative description on his role during the war of liberation of which the man is seen as an elite only roped in by Mugabe to lead genuine freedom fighters who risked their lives for 16 years. Another lie is the claim that Mnangagwa was a crocodile gang leader. He has only recently this year revealed that this was never the case, it was just a nickname given him. At the Nov 2017 coup, Mnangagwa made false claims to have survived a poison attack, when he had just pulled a prank in order to win public favour against his enemies.

Mr. Mnangagwa’s own nephew, Lloyd Msipa said this picture is fake news.

Mnangagwa was nowhere near the front in 1973.
He was in Salisbury prison.

Vladimir Putin was a young University student studying law in 1973.
He graduated in 1975.

His first mission outside Russia only came after he joined the KGB in 1975.