Zanu PF Hooligans Raid CCC Member’s House
26 February 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Suspected Zanu PF hooligans hurled missiles at Citizens’ Coalition For Change member John Mupanduki on Friday night.

The suspected Zanu PF hooligans also reportedly threatened to harm Mupanduki physically.

“A group of suspected Zanu PF hooligans threw stones at John Mupanduki’s house at Nyika Growth point last night.

He pressed the alarm button prompting the Fawcett reaction team to rush to the house.

The hooligans then ran away. We suspect Zanu PF agents want to harm our members,” a source told

Mupanduki was abducted by suspected government agents at the beginning of the year and he was also arrested for seeking police protection.

John Mupanduki