Tear Smoke Can’t Stop People’s Revolution
27 February 2022
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By Stephen Sarkozy Chuma

President Chamisa Takes Fourth Chimurenga To Gokwe


The People’s President and Commander of the Fourth Chimurenga, Advocate Nelson Chamisa today led from the front in Gokwe as people power once again reigned supreme over state machinery.

With the police barring the People’s President from addressing the citizens, President Chamisa pulled a first and still addressed the citizens through action.

A public appearance at Metro Peach Wholesalers by President Chamisa send citizens who looked dejected because of rally ban into wild frenzy.

All the citizens wanted was a glimpse of their man, but for strange reasons the police responded by throwing tear gas canisters and spraying citizens with poisoned water.

Much to his credit, the People’s President did not waver. He proceeded right through the tear smoke to address thousands of Gokwe citizens, not by words but through action.

Non verbal communication and non violent action was on display!

President Chamisa simply walked side by side with the citizens -no word but just waving his index fingers to which the citizens responded with ululation and jubilation.

Not even tear smoke could deter the Fourth Chimurenga battle at Gokwe Centre!

If there was any ounce of doubt from some Thomases about the readiness President Chamisa to govern, those doubts were put to bed today.

The President is ripe and ready to lead!

A New Great Zimbabwe is loading.




Stephen Sarkozy Chuma