Lorraine Guyo Praises God After Surviving Car Crash
2 March 2022
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By A Correspondent- Actress and socialite, Lorraine Guyo, who survived a car accident last Friday, has praised God for giving her another chance.

The accident occurred in Braeside on her way back from Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport.

In an interview with H-Metro, she said being alive, after such a terrible accident, was the most precious gift she could ever imagine.

“I just feel like God gave me another chance to show my talent and to fulfil all the desires of my heart,” said Lorraine.

“I have minor injuries, but I am fine. I didn’t seek any psychological help because it’s unnecessary right now I just need to praise God.

“I am able to do all my chores and everything on my own.” Lorraine said a lot of people didn’t expect to see her happy, so soon after the accident.

“People were surprised to see me at the NAMAs, maybe, they expected me to be down but I know I had genuine reasons to attend the awards.

“I was given an opportunity to present at the NAMAs, and it was my first time, can anyone skip that golden opportunity?

“Obviously, I couldn’t let that opportunity go. God blessed me with talent and I have to embrace it.

“I don’t think I owe anyone any explanation of what I have to do or not.”

She added: “Right now, I am not even worried about my car that was damaged.

“I am just grateful that I cheated death and I am here to witness my future.

“I got time to celebrate with other celebrities and friends at the NAMAs and that’s the best thing I could do to ease stress.”

She also urged people to love one another.

“I just urge people not to hold grudges, life is too short.

“We should just learn to love one another and support each other while praising the Lord for the gift of life,” she said. -H Metro