Jittery Mwonzora Seeks To Block By-elections
3 March 2022
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Mwonzora fears heavy electoral defeat as his personal assistant goes to court to stop 26 March by elections.

Chamisa’s increasing popularity causes Mwonzora to seek constitutional court to bar by elections

3 March 2022

Wezhira Munya

The by election phobia hits Mwonzora and MDC T hard. Mwonzora’s strategists held a meeting few weeks ago and bold told Mwonzora and MDC T leaders that, they will lose 26th by elections. This was revealed by one MDC T national member who refused to be named.

Mwonzora has launched a constitutional application to bar by elections slated for 26th March 2022.

(See court application attached to this article)

The strategist told Mwonzora the following:

  1. Zimbabweans are angry against him and MDC T after recalls. Therefore they will not vote for him and his candidates.
  2. Mwonzora and
    MDC T ‘s relations with Zanu PF have made him Zanu PF proxy and therefore Zimbabweans hate MDC T.
  3. The help from police , army and security forces in stealing Harvest House and party properties from Advocate Nelson Chamisa has made Mwonzora unpopular. No opposition in Zimbabwe has enjoyed security forces support like Mwonzora and MDC T.
  4. The rational disputation approach between Mwonzora and Zanu PF has not been accepted by Zimbabweans. Therefore , Zimbabweans are angry that Mwonzora is dining and wining with Zanu PF.
  5. MDC T under Mwonzora failed to field 33 candidates in council and member of Parliament seats. This shows that MDC T has already lost 26 March 2022 by elections.
  6. Imposition and chaotic MDC T primary elections will cost them on 26th March 2022 by elections. MDC T has poor quality candidates for 26th March 2022 by elections.
  7. There are no vibrant MDC T structures across Zimbabwe. Only Harare and few towns have skeleton structures.
  8. The split by Khupe negatively affects MDC T led by Mwonzora.
  9. The largest crowds President Chamisa is attracting has caused MDC T and Zanu PF to fear defeat. On the other hand, Mwonzora’s highest number at rally is 300.
  10. Mwonzora and MDC T’s failure to hold ordinary congress on 5th March 2022 has affected the moral of their members.
  11. Komichi and Mudzuri factions feel neglected by Mwonzora. There is lot of disgruntlement among Komichi and Mudzuri factions against leadership of Mwonzora. They cannot say it publicly they fear explusion.
  12. Some MDC T members of Parliament and councillors have lost faith in MDC T. There is likely hood that , they will join Citizens Coalition for Change soon. Mwonzora’s lack of popularity has affected his members of Parliament and councillors.

To mitigate the effects of election defeat, the Mwonzora and his MDC T has assigned Tapera Sengweni who is MDC T legal advisor and Personal assistant to Mwonzora to approach constitutional court to stop by elections.

As a result, MDC-T has sponsored constitutional court application seeking to stop holding of 28 National Assembly and 121 municipal by-elections.

By elections were delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Will the courts give judgment in favour of Mwonzora? Is Zanu PF involved in this court case after realizing that President Chamisa’s popularity is raising?

Mwonzora once sponsored the Gokwe man who contested the presidency of President Chamisa. Mwonzora anticipates a heavy defeat. One political analyst said, “Mwonzora can win court cases but will never win “public court” , referring to winning of elections. His rally attendance proof that people have rejected Mwonzora.