CCC Condemns Kwekwe Violence
4 March 2022
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Own Correspondent

The Citizens’ Coalition for Change has condemned the escalation of political violence, particularly the egregious attacks against its members as the country approaches the 26 March by-election.

Zanu PF thugs attacked CCC members at President Nelson Chamisa’s rally in Kwekwe leading to the death of Mboneni Ncube.

Several party supporters were badly injured.CCC young supporter, Charity Nyome was among those injured. She was hospitalized after the barbaric attack.

Charity, whose brother Kudakwashe Nyome, fled the country after being persecuted by the Zanu PF regime said the incident has left her in shock.

“I am in a state of shock. Zanu PF hooligans terrorized my brother Kudakwashe Nyome, until he left the country as they were threatening to kill him. Kuda cannot return home because of fear of being eliminated by Zanu PF.

I witnessed the worst form of barbarism in Kwekwe. I was badly injured and I am currently receiving treatment after being hospitalized,” said Charity Nyome.

In a statement Thursday, CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said violence against their members must stop.

Below is the statement:
In the early hours of this morning, four men armed with machetes and a gun stormed the home of Hon. Tendai Biti who is our by-election candidate for Harare East constituency.
Hon Biti was not present at the property at the time of the attack. However, his elderly mother, family visitors and members of his campaign team were home.
The armed men beat up Hon Biti’s guard in the head and limbs. He suffered extensive injuries that required medical attention which he is now receiving at a local hospital.
This is not the first attack on Hon. Biti’s campaign team. On the 27th of January 2022, Erasmus Nyandoro, Zellers Gumbo, Tatenda Chigwada and Prince Mutebuka were beaten by armed riot police in the centre of town because they were wearing yellow CCC shirts.
Furthermore, on 16 February 2022, after a campaign meeting Tafara, armed Zanu PF thugs violently attacked three members of Hon. Biti’s campaign team and they sustained deep injuries on their legs and backs. They were beaten using iron bars.
Again, on the 19th of February, Obvious Nyahondo, was attacked by Zanu PF thugs at the Tafara venue of a rally that was to be addressed by Hon. Tendai Biti.
The attackers took his property including his phone and he sustained deep cuts to his legs and back. Although police reports have been made in respect of these incidents, the perpetrators are yet to be brought to book
This morning’s attack on Hon. Biti’s home comes barely four days after Zanu PF thugs murdered Mboneni Ncube at a CCC rally in Mbizo Kwekwe.
He was attacked with a spear three times in his back. We are advised that 11 of the 16 suspects in this gruesome murder have since been released by the Zimbabwe Republic Police. Many of our supporters were injured and 23 were .