Pressure Group Condemns Brutal Murder Of CCC Member
6 March 2022
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It is with a heavy heart that we learnt about the death of 2 CCC supporters in Kwekwe after they were attacked by ZANU PF thugs who were out to disturb the CCC rally held at Mbizo 4 Shopping Centre on 27/02/22 which was addressed by the Party President, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. The thugs were carrying machetes, iron bars, spears, knives and catapults.

The Kwekwe violence occured a day after ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Deputy Constantine Chiwenga promised to unleash violence on the CCC supporters. They were clear that they were going to crush CCC supporters like lice.

It also came a day before The Zimbabwe Republic Police disturbed a CCC rally in Gokwe Centre where they unleashed water canons and teargassed the masses. Elsewhere in St Marys the thugs continue to wreck havoc where petrol bombing was recorded and a female CCC activist was stabbed on 28/02/22.

Zimbabwe is a Constitutional democracy as such it values and respect the sanctity of life as evidenced by Section 48 (1) which clearly states that Every person has the right to life. The violence perpetrators and their handlers must know that man is born with inalienable rights i.e God given rights which man cannot take away but only God and amongst these is the right to life.

The people’s right to support a political party of their choice as articulated by Section 67 (1) (b) which states that every Zimbabwean citizen has the right to make political choices freely and which is further buttressed by Section 67 (2) (a) must be respected.

Spurred by the above noted unexpected events we call upon those bent on turning the political environment into a boxing ring to desist and refrain from that and allow reason to take its place. We call upon them to think with their brains and not their muscles.

We also call upon the Zimbabwe Republic Police to do its constitutional duties by protecting the people and stop terrorising them. It must be noted that chief amongst the duties of the Police is to uphold the Constitution as enunciated by Section 219 (1) (e).

Realising the magnitude of the matter at hand in Kwekwe we call upon the number 1 citizen of the land President Emmerson Mnangagwa who himself is from Kwekwe to act and see to it that the perpetrators are arrested.

He must protect citizens as he is the President of all including CCC cadres. Concerned by the violence we further call upon the number 1 citizen to stop uttering speeches that incite violence.
ZEAT fostering democratic elections.