CIOs INSIDE CCC: Mnangagwa Says Opposition Are Always Plotting Against Each Other
7 March 2022
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Strongly suggesting that he has planted infiltrators into Nelson Chamisa’s CCC party, ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa has predicted that the party will soon collapse because of what he termed always plotting against each other.

The development comes following revelations that people currently fundraising for Chamisa are part of the syndicate that planned to kill the late Human Rights Watch Director Dewa Mavhinga.

Mnangagwa made these comments as Zimbabwe prepares to hold harmonised elections next year.

Before the 2023 elections, the country is holding a mini-election with 28 by-elections for parliamentary seats and 104 polls for local authorities that emanated from recalls, deaths, and dismissals.

“We are going for by-elections, some seats came through deaths but the majority came through recalls from Parliament by the opposition,” said Mnangagwa.

He continued saying-” They are always plotting against each other, but they want to blame Zanu PF. We have nothing with their troubles, they write to Parliament and a person is recalled.”

2 years ago, Chamisa had death threat undertones subtly worded against him by Mnangagwa’s spokesman.

Writing on his microblogging portal, George Charamba five times repeated undertones that suggest Chamisa will soon suffer a sudden health crisis, just before twice mentioning death as the end of it all.

While some said Charamba’s words were mere poetry, experts said they were clearly pointing at death and certainly the threat thereof An academic at the Baltimore School Of Law says: threats that place individuals in great fear can (and often have been
found to) constitute acts of mental or psychological torture.”

Charamba was at the time commenting on allegations of Chamisa leading a fractured MDC Alliance.

He said: ” Clearly both the young man and all those around him, all of them barely sharper than a mallet by way of intellect and analysis, thought silence in politics means nothing, however brooding and foreboding!

“And looking into the crystal ball?? Well, Chamisa

“…set to bleed terminally, both from internal injuries & from external blows. After this analysis has settled, & all those who think can yell and bark angrily for him are done, I will come back on the external blows that await him, mortal blows at that. Good evening maComrades!”