Reprieve For Hopewell Chin’ono As High Court Revokes Bail Conditions
8 March 2022
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Award-winning Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono who was arrested in for obstructing justice and contempt of court, after being accused of breaching his bail conditions by tweeting about the court outcome of a gold smuggling scandal involving Henrietta Rushwaya despite a ban on him posting on Twitter, has had his bail reporting conditions removed by the Harare High Court.

Posting on Twitter Chin’ono said, “The High Court has removed my bail reporting conditions, but it refused to release my title deeds for my home. I am on remand for exposing corruption involving the President’s niece Henrietta Rushwaya who was caught trying to smuggle 6kgs of gold to Dubai. The idea is to FIX me!

“The Gold was worth US$370,000. 2500 Zimbabwean women are dying every year giving birth. Zimbabwe’s biggest hospital only has one working maternity theater built in 1977. A theater costs US$37,000. Henrietta’s Gold could have built 10 maternity theaters at Gomo.”