ZEC Bans Mwonzora Candidate
9 March 2022
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MDC T parliamentary candidate for Nkulumane constituency disqualified to vote on 26 March by election

9th March 2022

Wezhira Munya

MDC T led by Mwonzora’s Nkulumane constituency candidate Mr Mangena Gedion will not vote on 26th March 2022 by elections.

According to ZEC Bulawayo Provincial Election Officer Mr L. Ncube’s letter dated 2 March 2022 disqualifying Mangena , “…you are disqualified to vote in the forth by elections to be held on 26th March 2022 for Nkulumane constituency.”

(See attached letter from ZEC)

Mr Mangena is disqualified because, he transfered to reside in Nkulumane constituency “on 17 January 2022” after “nomination court closed on 8th January 2022”, reads ZEC letter to Mangena.

MDC T Bulawayo provincial member who refused to be named for fear of victimisation by Mwonzora and his faction said, “Mangena was imposed on Nkulumane as candidate. He is not a resident of Nkulumane. He is Mwonzora’s blue eyed boy.”

Mr Isaac Ncube of Nkulumane constituency said, “How can we vote for a candidate that will not vote for himself? This is an embarrassment.

26th March 2022 by elections has exposed MDC T led by Mwonzora as a party that was very unprepared. Firstly, MDC T failed to field candidates in 33 constituencies. Surprisingly, most recalls were trigged by MDC T and it’s ironic that, MDC T is failing to field candidates in areas they recalled elected representatives.

Secondary, MDC T rallies under Mwonzora leadership are experiencing lowest turn out since the formation of MDC in 1999. MDC T Mwonzora held a flopped star rally at Zororo grounds and 300 people attended. After Zororo grounds embarrassment MDC T Mwonzora resorted to hold its provincial star rallies in community halls with less than 100 sitting capacity such as Mkoba Hall in Gweru, Dombotombo hall in Marondera and Pelandaba in Bulawayo. However, MDC T failed to fill these halls.

Thirdly, most MDC T candidates lack campaigning resources but they have money from political funds.

Many political analysts predict that MDC T will not win one council seat and parliamentary seat.