FULL TEXT- Linda Masarira Cries Foul Over Victimisation Of Party Stalwarts
10 March 2022
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Statement on the victimization of Mrs Mutsikira by ZANUPF member Mrs Mazanhi for supporting LEAD.

According to the law of Zimbabwe no citizen has got the right to evict another citizen without three months notice and also without a valid reason.

We are disgruntled and publicly complaining against ZEC which has failed previously to resolve issues of politically motivated violence, intimidation and harrassment by Zanupf supporters in Epworth Constituency. Mrs Mazanhi and colleagues have spent the past week intimidating and insulting Mrs Mutsikira a LEAD member and forcing her to vacate the rented accommodation for have a different political affiliation by supporting LEAD.

We are in women’s month where we are supposed to recognize our worth as women and help each other fight violence, harassment and abuse against each other yet other women are at the forefront of abusing fellow women.

It is sad that women choose to fight other women to settle political scores which they do not even understand.

LEAD is a party that is advances a non violent and tolerance agenda. We stand for no violence and in this case we have a citizen whose rights are being violated because of her political preferances and affiliation.

This is a democratic state hence that is the last thing that we expect in a democratic country.

We hereby ask ZRP to protect vulnerable members of the society who fear going to report the harrassment cases because of polarization.

We condemn any form of violence and continue to preach a message of peace, love and hope.