“One Drunk Man Is More Intelligent Than 3 Women With PhDs”: Shadaya Interview Torches Social Media Storm
16 March 2022
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Quotable Quotes From Shadaya’s Trending Interview 

Controversial Zimbabwe social media personality and self-proclaimed anti-feminist Shadaya Knight Tawona is trending on social media platforms following a feisty interview.  

The Twitter influencer was involved in a rather contentious and heated exchange with co-host Run G on the Denny J show with Boyz DzeTonaz. The interview has been trending on social media platforms and has divided people.  

Below are some surprising and controversial quotable quotes from Knight Shadaya’s interview on the Denny J show.

On Suicide: Fix The Women, Fix The Problem

“Why people are committing suicide. Let’s look at the statistics with regards to suicide. Which gender or sex has the largest number? Men. Right?

“And then when you look at men, what is stressing men? Women. so fix the women, fix the problem of mental illness.”

On Living With Women

“It takes a snake to know another snake…Being married to a woman is like living with a snake. You just have to know how to charm it. I am being honest with you. It takes a woman to know a woman and it takes a man to know another man.”

On Stunner:

Soul Jah Love died in his 30s and he called himself chibaba because when a man has reached a certain level of maturity he calls himself baba, a father chimudhara but here is a man in his 40s and he parades himself on social media calling himself Vapfanha vechidiki vanezvinhu zvavo.

There is nothing i can learn from that guy. i dont have a problem with him.

Defending himself on what he calls the “truth and logic”.

“When it comes to the truth, the truth doesn’t care about your feelings… How you take the truth is up to you

On single mothers:

“Women need to factor in what is called logic…. men are polygamus by nature, if a man has failed to commit with other women what makes you think he will settle with you.”

His views on women in general.

Women are like children. One drunk man is more intelligent than 3 women with PhDs.

Watch the interview below: