Was HMetro “Just Evil” in Covering Madam Boss Extra Marital Failing?
17 March 2022
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By Showbiz Reporter | Your newspaper is evil, sent by Devil to destroy other people’s families, the tabloid HMetro was slammed by businessman, Moreboys Munetsi, among a host of other businessmen, over its screaming coverage of the Madam Boss husband Ngonidzashe Munetsiwa’s extramarital failings without obtaining broader facts around the matter.

Yes people can make mistakes, but deep issues such as marital affairs require all angles of a story.

Munetsiwa (popularly known as Mhofu) was accused of dating a woman who is now threatening suicide, Ngonidzashe Evangelister Zhou.

Mhofu is the sociallite, Madam Boss’s husband and they have been married for several years from the time the felebrity was still a humble maid.

Wrote Munetsi in full: Your newspaper is evil, sent by Devil to destroy other people’s families. What was your motive to publish the story? Imimi kubasa kwenyu varume nevakadzi you are innocent hapana ane girlfriend or boyfriend? Saka zvatanga na Ngoni tomboti kudaro? No one is perfect we are all sinners. Let’s preach the gospel of love, peace, reconciliation and forgiveness.

The socialites, Bev Sibanda, and Tatelicious Karigambe have said the paper lied. But the lover’s own church has published a statement confirming the whole story.
The briefing by the Church of Asaph reads in part:
“Greetings all saints in the name of Jesus. “From the Apostle’s office to clarify the news going around on social media. “It’s a complicated issue involving our youth member (Church of Asaph Zimbabwe) namely Ngonidzashe Evangelister Zhou (Ndhlovu).
“The story is true according to the source our daughter attempted to use the esteemed office of the Apostle to sugar-coat her immoral secret affair and suicidal videos threats.
“The church stands with all principles of serving the community and Biblical values without fear or favour.
“We condemn all acts of immorality and support families as the law of God.

“We encourage the Church to pray in such times and remain standing. “Our Apostle is sound and strong, sending love to all,” the church said in part.

It could not be estabilised at the time of writing how Madam Boss is handling the matter with her husband and ZimEye is following up on the story.