Church Exposes Madam Boss’ Hubby Infidelity
18 March 2022
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By- Evangelister Zhou’s church has confirmed that she was impregnated by Madam Boss’ husband, Ngoni Munetsiwa.

The statement by the Church of Asaph reads: “Greetings all saints in the name of Jesus. From the Apostle’s office to clarify the news going around on social media.
“It’s a complicated issue involving our youth member (Church of Asaph Zimbabwe) namely Ngonidzashe Evangelister Zhou (Ndhlovu).
“The story is true according to the source our daughter attempted to use the esteemed office of the Apostle to sugar-coat her immoral secret affair and suicidal videos threats.
“The church stands with all principles of serving the community and Biblical values without fear or favour.
“We condemn all acts of immorality and support families as the law of God. We encourage the Church to pray in such times and remain standing. Our Apostle is sound and strong, sending love to all”
Eva phoned H-Metro yesterday begging for the story to be put to rest, saying it had negatively affected her affair with Madam boss’ husband.
She blamed her church pastor for disclosing the illicit affair, which she described as personal, and she just wanted to seek help.
“My life is now in danger because of the story,” said Eva.
“I strongly blame my father, Pastor Jairos Maphosa, for engaging the media on an issue, I was seeking advice from him since Ngoni had been turning a deaf ear.
“This was personal and H-Metro did not help me, but instead ruined my affair,” she said.
Pastor Maphosa reiterated that his reason for sharing Eva’s misery to the media was an attempt to save her life as she had turned suicidal.
“Being asked to abort for the second time, to conceal an affair, also puts her life and that of the baby in danger.
“Eva is blaming me for this and has been looking for sympathisers from church members.
“We do not promote immorality or wrecking of marriages and life is more important than being shamed one day for wrongdoing,” said Pastor Maphosa.
However, H-Metro knows Ngoni called Eva yesterday asking her to sue this newspaper and deny all the allegations about the affair. H Metro