Mavaza: This Is Why You Must Vote For ED
19 March 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | Zimbabweans of all ages are being sold a dummy by the CCC. The opposition has blamed the economic down turn on ZANU PF.

Their campaign has been that ZANU PF has fronted corrupt cadres and is eating in the future of the youth. The youth are being told that they are not employed because ZANU PF has mishandled the economy..

Dr Masimba Mavaza

The opposition in particular Nelson Chamisa has told rally after rally that if he is given Zimbabwe he will develop the country in three months. He told those who were listening that he will have a number of white people rushing to develop Zimbabwe’s economy. This Chamisa said will only be possible if he is elected president of Zimbabwe.

The youth and Zimbabweans at large must step down to reality. Economy can not be improved in three days.
We must realise that since the new dispensation came into office their, most cherished wish and desire ,for which ED and his team laboured with vigour and passion unceasingly ,with firm determination, is to raise the lives of Zimbabweans and create jobs jobs and jobs for every capable person. This is the force which drives ED and he has set a national goal to achieve middle income by 2030. Every hand has been put on the deck with great importance placed on the goal and the desire that our people should attain this goal. This is not only a wish or desire but indeed a possibility. Zimbabwean are having great satisfaction everyday of seeing this goal coming to fruition.
Zimbabweans must realise that development is a process. It has been seen in the work being done by the new dispensation in developing the economy. We must be guided by the Chinese history of economic growth.
Chinese history of growth is not overnight but like China ED is saying we build our own nation. Sanctions will not stop our resilient fighting spirit. Brick by brick we build Zimbabwe. People must not be fooled by the rhetoric being puked by the CCC whose promise is that the West will come running with money.
This is a party with no plan but planning to enter into power with an empty begging bowl.

We must be comforted to know that we are already making inroads in food security through dams and empowering farmers. ED has introduced command agriculture , giving implements and livestock to capable farmers to revamp our ailing economy.
Zimbabwe is now under new management and going through a rigorous economic recovery. Economic recovery is the business cycle stage following a recession that is characterized by a sustained period of improving business activity. Normally, during an economic recovery, gross domestic product (GDP) grows, incomes rise, and unemployment falls as the economy rebounds. Only this month of March the Civil service has employed over ten thousand teachers and nurses. The army has recruited and still recruiting. The police and other security organisations have employed thousands of youth
It must be understood that during an economic recovery, the economy undergoes a process of adaptation and adjustment to new conditions, including the factors that triggered the recession in the first place and the new policies and rules implemented by governments and central banks in response to the recession. So the first two years of the new dispensation things got tough but it was only when things got tough that the tough got going.

The labor, capital goods, and other productive resources that were tied up in businesses that failed and went under during the recession are reemployed in new activities as unemployed workers find new jobs and failed firms are bought up or divided up by others. Recovery is an economy healing itself from the damage done, and it sets the stage for a new expansion.

Expansion is the phase of the business cycle where real gross domestic product (GDP) grows for two or more consecutive quarters, moving from a trough to a peak. Expansion is typically accompanied by a rise in employment, consumer confidence, and equity markets and is also referred to as an economic recovery.
Expansion is the phase of the business cycle when the economy moves from a trough to a peak.Expansions last on average about four to five years but have been known to go on anywhere from 10 months to more than a decade.
Focusing on interest rates and capital expenditure can help investors to determine where we are in the business cycle.
Zimbabwe has had only three years of changing everything from economy to education and at the same time maintaining law and order. Remember all this is done under strict regime of unlawful sanctions.
Zimbabweans must not be fooled. Development is not miracle money it’s a process. Whoever promises overnight change is lying.
We must realise that Economic recovery is the process of reallocating resources and workers from failed businesses and investments to new jobs and uses after a recession or economic down fall.
An economic recovery follows after the recession and leads into a new expansionary business cycle phase.
Leading indicators—such as the stock market, retail sales, and business startups—often rise ahead of an economic recovery.
During an economic recovery, central banks may enact monetary policies aimed at increasing the money supply and encouraging lending.
Market economies experience ups and downs for several reasons. Economies can be impacted by all kinds of factors, including revolutions, financial crises, and global influences. Sometimes these shifts in markets can take on a pattern that can be thought of as a kind of wave or cycle, with distinct stages of an expansion or boom, a peak leading to some economic crisis, a recession, and subsequent recovery. So the past three years ZANU OF has successfully set an economic recovery stage.
ED is a mature person and will not promise a miracle but he will ask you giddy up your loins and fight.
Economic recovery is a war we must all fight. It is not fought by changing governments. It is fought and win by supporting the government.

An economic recovery occurs after a recession as the economy adjusts and recovers some of the gains lost during the recession. The economy then eventually transitions to a true expansion when growth accelerates and GDP starts moving toward a new peak.
This what we are saying vote ZANU PF and witness the great transformation of our country from an impoverished country to a middle income economy.

ED is real and set the full recovery to 2030 which is a realistic goal not fake excited promise made by CCC. We must always remember that the process of recovery takes us up and down.
During a recession, many businesses fail and go out of business, and many of those that survive cut back activities to reduce costs in the face of decreased demand for their output. Workers often get laid off and business assets get sold piecemeal. Sometimes business owners are forced to liquidate an entire business.
Some of these capital assets end up in the hands of other businesses, sometimes even brand new businesses, that can put them to productive use. Sometimes these are very similar to their previous uses, and sometimes these are totally new lines of business. This process of sorting capital goods into new combinations, under new ownership, at new prices after they have been released from failed businesses or business cutbacks in the recession, is the essence of economic recovery.

Businesses usually need to deal with a leaner credit environment relative to the easy credit days of the boom that preceded the recession. They may need to implement new technologies and organizational forms. Almost always, the government fiscal and regulatory environment that businesses operate under changes from the boom to the recession and recovery.

Zimbabweans need to have change of mindset of looking to West for help. Zambia changed president but there is no flocking of investors. Tanzania changed presidents but there is no white men rushing in with wards of cash. The promises presented by Chamisa are not real. In actual fact he does not understand the developments ushered in by ZANU PF. He sees them as failures. The coming elections are a test if our foresight as a nation.
ED and Zanu-PF has pulse of development and changing geopolitics favors ZANU PF because of sanctions saddled on us.

The efforts made to expand educational opportunities in the country and to protect the national unity of our people has been met without fail. Our people have benefited from the rights and privileges embodied in the constitution. In spite of past and continuous attempts of certain alien enemies to create differences based on tribalism and political affiliation,the Zimbabwe people will fight a successful struggle against these forces of evil and thus preserve their National unity.

The rise and fall of economic growth is not a completely random, unexplainable phenomenon. Like the weather, the economy is believed to follow a cyclical path that continues to repeat itself over time.

As we make a decision on whom to vote for we must remember that ED is no1:

In the end, the recovery can change the patterns of economic activity in an economy, sometimes drastically and sometimes in barely noticeable ways. The economy heals the damage during the preceding parts of the business cycle by reallocating, reusing, and recycling resources into new uses, in an analogous way to how the body breaks down dead and damaged tissue in order to produce new, healthy cells and tissues after an injury.
Importantly, in order for the process of recovery to proceed, it is critical that the business and investment liquidations of the recession are carried out and the resources tied up in them are allowed to flow to new uses and new businesses.

Eventually, this process of recovery leads to a new phase of growth and expansion once resources have been mostly or fully reallocated across the economy. This can be seen in the dissolution programs.

This is the time the youth see the truth. There will never be a miracle recovery. ZANU OF has set the recovery going.
If you want to be employed soon allow ED to finish what he started. Vote ZANU OF and help Zimbabwe claim its bread basket position.

Zimbabwe is the only country which we can call ours.
Iwe neni tine basa.

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