Mavaza Says: CCC Is A Generic Cry Baby
23 March 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | The hyper-emotional reactions to CCC rallies which are either suspended or cancelled for safety reasons occasioned much commentary about the state of Zimbabwe’s millennials.

Any action by the police has made the CCC run to the SADC or to the West crying yellow tears. Such cry babies.
These are the same people who have applied all dishonest means to try to remove Zanu-PF by crying to the West that they are persecuted.
Trust in the opposition seems to be in short supply.
Reality placed opposition politicians at the bottom of the list when it comes to professional honesty.
We have noted that voters appreciate honesty in the people that represent them. It seems strange then, that they end up voting seemingly dishonest politicians into office.
The potential for elections to select honest leaders ultimately depends on the quality of the candidates in the electoral race. So the idea that less honest people are more likely to stand as candidates for political office could provide an explanation.
It is sad that in the past decade or so urban voters voted for those who are more willing to renege on their campaign promises and thus all towns are more likely to be led by the dishonest criminals. This is mistake never to be repeated again.
The loud cries about violence by the CCC are baseless. Firstly we must all agree that violence must never be tolerated at any cost. But CCC should be the last ones to cry violence each time they do not make numbers at a rally.
CCC whatever name they use today was born on the back of violence. It practices violence within and it attracts violence outside. Then they use it to blame each other, when they use it against their own they then run on top of the roof blaming ZANU PF for their own violence.
CCC has always been using violence to destroy itself. We must never be selective in condemning violence. Violence is violence and must never be accepted.
CCC must be reminded that
Politics is a dirty game that is played by men in clean suites. By this we mean it is a science of stealth, maneuver , out-pacing, out-witing and outlasting your opponent. If the opponent is outsmarted he should not pull the victim card.
Politics is not played as a beauty contest. Neither is its product fashioned in an exhotic path in the garden of roses. Politics is immensely hard, rough and tough. It is often played in treacherous terrain and in slippery path. Those who slip along the way must not dishonestly try to win by rushing to the West and cry violence.

CCC has one foal which is to paint ZANU OF as a violent party. It tries to create an image of a troubled persecuted child The images painted above have nothing to do with violence or any forms of illegality. They simply mean that politics around the world has something that is inherently tough and rough. It is an essential prerequisite to understand this fact before anyone joins politics and even so before they aspire to lead on politics.
It is in fact right and proper that politics be a tough nut. This is because the stakes are high in politics. These stakes pertain to cardinal realities such as: the preservation of the history, legacy and heritage of a nation’
the pride of a nation and its distinctive characteristics,
the social and economic infrastructure of a nation,
the wellbeing of young people, senior citizens and the working class the future of a nation
the security abd survival of a nation. This is nit a field for the faint hearted.
It is because of those high stakes that men and women of steal are required in politics. Their ideas, their ideals and their programs must be probed. Their characters and competencies must be subjected to the most intense of scrutiny. At times this includes the rough and tumble. As long as there is no crime involved that is fair.
We have a problem with Chamisa and his party. We have had this problem historically. First and foremost CCC does not understand that politics is not and must not be a walk in the park. Thus they have no clue of what they must put on the table, which must be strong characteristics to support national ideals. To them politics is melodramaticism; always raising baby cries across the oceans to attract Mommy-Foreign Power. Therefore one doubts whether they are constituted to address national issues or just to please outsiders and to receive money for that.

Further CCC does not hesitate to push its opponents or to use violence within. This is an outfit which has traded in violence historically, yet it has cried about violence so vehemently. Zimbabweans have never known of a political party that has split itself into so many organs like a worm, with those splittings on one another’s snakes. Yet the same organisations postures itself as a paradim of peace and tranquility.
It is not surprising that CCC is crying violence. The shriek noises on violence will increase as we near the general elections. The whole point is to create an atmosphere whereby they convince themselves and the West, if they lose the election, that they were victims of violence. This is sad and irresponsible as a political strategy. The “politicians” had to decide how to actually make decisions outside the election race, choosing how much of a given budget they would transfer to voters and whether to renege on promises. We found that once elected, those who were most eager to be selected as a candidate (who invested most in the first round) deviated most from what they promised in the election campaign.
We must realise that greater transparency can make a difference. If CCC is transparent we can all see that they are using tactic to win elections aided by sanctions. This violates the freedoms of the citizens.
The CCC which has publicly acknowledged that they will call the West to rush into Zimbabwe should they win the elections. They are taking advantage of the economic mishaps to wood-wink the focus of the electorate.

It must be known by all loving Zimbabweans that the West will only come to Zimbabwe if there something the will benefit from the country. Remember the USA talking to Maduro that they were sanctioned because they want oil. Remember UK going to Saudi Arabia for oil on eve of execution of 80 people human rights thrown out for oil. Does the CCC believe that the whites Chamisa is praying will be here just to help? Think again.

It is clear that CCC instigates violence and act victim in order to spoil the good name of Zimbabwe. The CCC is now a cult which is now ideologically grounded but worships one man aided by USA. Because their hope for the nation is based on the USA then they become cry babies to attract the attention of their handlers.
The question we all face is whether the people and their elected leaders can turn back from a failing therapeutic utopianism, and accept once again the tragic limits to human existence that the foundations of our political and economic structures once acknowledged.

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