Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) Namibia Partners Mutasa Central Ahead Of By-elections
25 March 2022
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25 March 2022

Following a worldwide program by the new baby Citizens Coalition For Change to partner constituencies that are going to participate in the impending by-elections tomorrow, Namibia embraced the noble revolutionary idea. Yellow revolutionaries in Namibia convened on Zoom and invited Hon Saruwaka so that he could present the state of ward 15. Our diligent leader furnished us with the areas of needy and we committed to do everything necessary to offer moral , material and financial support to ward 15. The organic district commenced to mobilise resources for the ward to defend the vote against ZanuPF rigging shenanigans.

It is not a secret that the role of external assemblies is to support the national democratic revolution financially especially in this difficult scenerio after Mwonzora stole our political finances pocket. Yellow citizens from Rundu, Windhoek,Northern branches and individuals from four corners of the country ran around and managed to send 300US$ to support the by-elections. It was made clear to the receivant Hon Saruwaka that Namibia district shall continue to mobilise funds and materials until the election is over.

I would like to express my great appreciation to the pragmatic district Chairperson Elisha Chambara and his entire leadership in the respective branches for working tirelessly, mobilising funds from the enthusiastic citizens who are yearning for a New Great Zimbabwe. The revolutionary mood in the diaspora is quite electric, we encourage all Citizens in Namibia to contribute their 10,20,50,100,200 dollars towards complete change. Our polling agents should not be tempted to betray the Yellow Revolution because of money. We should support our struggle financially to win Zimbabwe for change.

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia district salutes all who managed to contribute to socio-economic transfiguration, supporting their quest for freedom with hard earned cash in the diaspora. Our dream and aspiration is to have Zimbabwe work again under the able leadership of the Change Champion Commander-In-Chief President Advocate Nelson. We wish Mutasa Central Ward 15 good luck in these by-elections not forgetting the rest of our CCC candidates across the breadths and lengths of Zimbabwe.

Zec is under the camera. It must be disbanded , we don’t expect a purported independent commission to be an extension of ZanuPF. Priscilla Chigumba and team are clearly taking instructions from the Shake Shake Building, that must stop! We continue to demand the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. Zec must respect the constitution of Zimbabwe, we have heard that some of the polling stations are located in the bushes of Kwekwe. An old Zec official was caught marking ballot papers at Mhizha Primary School which is quite pathetic and unfortunate. We reiterate that Zec must be disbanded.

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya